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    The Cold War Mod


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    The Cold War Mod

    Post  Aztec on Tue Jun 26, 2012 10:32 am

    Pheonix - the heart and soul of the mod.
    He is the head of modding team and is a great person!

    Timosh - our right hand, he is responsible from many things in mod, starting from unique
    after-armor system to yet-to-come Su-25 and A-10, also made SP missions

    Kemper, StarMeh - modellers, without them the mod would never be the same

    Flanker - Author of all cold war SP mission story -
    and a good person all along. He also helped a lot with information provided on vehicles and weapons.

    Models are courtesy of their respective authors, should they have been converted from arma2 addons, or arma2 game, or courtesy of the Team.
    Thanks are going to Bohemia interactive who made the most awesome tactical shooter ever.

    Some parts of mod code is based on BTRH mod, for which they get credit too.

    Vora_bat is busy with a mod of his own, but he gets a major credit for sharing his
    US soldiers and vehicles/other models. They were a lot of help, thank you!

    Credit also goes to the people who helped develop the Chechnya mod,
    which was the base for Cold War. (Preacher,Bagration, Damat, Diversant-3D, Bars-F).

    Special thanks go to Svoyak, Glebka.

    But, if you want to get to know the team better - just talk to us!
    Some of us actually speak english, so you're welcome!

    P.S. If your content is published here and you want proper credit given/ content removed from mod, message me.

    In order to download please go to the following links!

    Cold War

    Cold War 1.4.9 Patch

    1.4.9 English localization Patch

    1.4.9 English localisation v.2 Patch

    Note I do not own the mod and as soon as the owner applies at the forums I will give him moderator over this topic.

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